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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Nearly seven homes in Jammu and Kashmir's Doda district have developed cracks, which is uncannily identical to Joshimath. Government officials, according to media sources, are looking for a way...

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Updated on 27/06/2022 7:10 AM
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Updated on 27/06/2022 7:10 AM

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SC Asks Centre To Submit Report In 3 Weeks On Petitions Challenging Ban On BBC Documentary

The Supreme Court sent notice to the Centre today and asked for a report on the appeal against the suspension of a divisive BBC...

Kerala Finance Minister Announces Cess On Petrol And Diesel In New Budget

In the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government's second complete budget on Thursday, Kerala's Finance Minister KN Balagopal imposed a cess on petrol, diesel, and...

Voting To Elect Delhi Mayor And Deputy Mayor To Take Place On February 6

The six-member Standing Committee and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Delhi will be chosen on February 6. The last date has been accepted by...

Visakhapatnam To Be New Capital Of Andhra Pradesh, Announces CM Reddy

Inviting investors to the Global Investment Summit (GIS), which will be hosted in Visakhapatnam in the first week of March, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister...

Death Toll Reaches 100 In Suicide Bombing In Pakistan’s Peshawar

Following a suicide explosion in a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, that targeted police officers, the dead toll has grown to 100. There is an ongoing...

Outrage Erupted In Canada Following Anti-India Graffiti

Indians in Canada's Brampton are incensed by anti-India graffiti that has been left on a renowned Hindu temple. The Indian Consulate General in Toronto condemned...


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आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस द्वारा नजर रख चीन बन रहा दुनिया के लिए खतरा |

चीन नए नए हथकंडे अपनकर दुनिया के लिए खतरा बनता जा रहा है। जहां पेंटागन ने कहा है कि स्पाय बैलून यानी जासूसी बैलून से चीन द्वारा पेंटागन की...

थलसेना प्रमुख ने अरुणाचल प्रदेश सीमा पर जवानों से की मुलाकात | LAC से करीब इलाकों का लिया जायजा |

भारत के थलसेना प्रमुख जनरल मनोज पांडे सोमवार सुबह अरुणाचल प्रदेश पहुंच गए। यहां उन्होंने चीन से सटे सीमाई इलाकों का दौरा किया और जवानों से मुलाकात की। जनरल...

यूक्रेन-रूस के बीच बढ़ती परेशानी को देख फ्रांसीसी पत्रकार ने बयान देते हुए भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री मोदी की अच्छी भूमिका बताई |

यूक्रेन-रूस के बीच चल रहे युद्ध का मसला पूरी दुनिया में एक चर्चा का विषय बना हुआ है। खासकर पश्चिमी देशों के लिए यह युद्ध परेशानी का सबक बनता...

मौसम विभाग ने जारी किया येलो अलर्ट | उत्तर पश्चिम से बर्फीली हवा ने दिल्ली के पारे में की भारी गिरावट |

उत्तर-पश्चिम दिशा से चल रही बर्फीली हवा से रविवार को दिल्ली 4.7 डिग्री के साथ ठिठुर गई। तीन दिन बाद दिल्ली के न्यूनतम तापमान में भारी गिरावट दर्ज हुई...


Russian Foreign Ministry Accuses BBC Of ‘Waging Information War’

According to the news agency, Russia has accused the British broadcaster of "waging an information war" on various fronts, not only against Moscow but...

Global Political Figurehead Jacinda Ardern Announces Resignation From Prime Ministerial Post

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand and an international leader in progressive politics, startled the nation today by announcing her impending resignation. The...


Bihar CM Calls Union Budget ‘Disappointing’ Citing Negligence Of Special Status To State

Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, referred to the union budget as "disappointing" on Wednesday and claimed that the state's demands for special...

Adani Group Cancels Recently Launched FPO In Interest Of Investors

Adani Enterprises on Wednesday cancelled the recently introduced Follow-on Public Offer in a significant development (FPO). Adani Enterprises reported that the Board of Directors...