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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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F & B Specialist Manish Srivastava Sheds Spotlight on his Complete Journey from Hospitality to Blogging.

Hospitality veterans are some of the most discerning travelers and foodies themselves. F&B Specialist Manish shares how working in the hospitality sector instilled a love for food and travel. He talks about how he aced his career and managed to tackle between his job and blogging life. Born and raised in the state of Bihar and a proud alumnus of NSHM, Mr Manish completed his Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology in 2011. Started his career as an intern in Clark’s Group of hotels. The due course of his promising career witnessed numerous Top-rated hotel industries like ITC, Radisson Blu, The Ashok & The Chancery. His fondness for food led him to explore the diverse world of restaurants after hotel industries. Mr Manish reconnoitred every aspect of the food industry and operated in almost all sought-after restaurant chains in Delhi-NCR, few to mention being Q’La, Pind Balluchi, B-Bar and now running a fine-dine restaurant under the name of Aatithyam. All these years, blogging has always been a favorite leisure pursuit for Mr Manish. He used to seldom upload videos on social media handles and always catered a secret dream of turning this hobby into a passion. But in a little while, this became literal when his content on social media started going viral and people started showering immense love and support. Mr Manish started balancing between his work life and his blogging life. It seemed hard to remain consistent at first but soon he got accustomed to the influencer life. In his words, “I worked hard to bring new content to my followers because people lose interest if they get to see the same thing over and over again. Tackling a job and blogging wasn’t easy at the start but if you keep going and remain consistent then every impossible can be made possible.” Manish’s unique approach toward content creation reflects in his Instagram feed which is so properly organized and designed. He takes proper care of everything, starting from shoots, and postings to choosing the perfect captions and hashtags. You will surely feel impressed after going through the drool-worthy food photographs and glimpses of people, lifestyles and cultures from different parts of the country in his feed. He takes extra effort and initiative to personally travel to each corner of the country and discover the trending foods and culture of those places. Exploring new things, and bringing good and unique content has made him a reckon within the blogging world in addition to a successful career in the hospitality industry. He looks set to carry the baton of blogging in India for the long run.

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