Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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AAP And BJP In Neck-To-Neck Competition In MCD Polls, Vote Counting Begin Early Morning Today

Far away from the predicted win by exit polls for Delhi MCD, the early trends of the vote counting on Wednesday have show a tight competition between the ruling AAP and BJP on 250 seats. The AAP is leading at 122 and BJP at 111. While the Congress has just make out to 11 seats so far.

As the trends are changing every minute, earlier it was BJP that catched up the race but now it seems that AAP might take all the control of the results. As hinted by the trends the AAP office is already ready with the balloons and celebratory posters.

The counting had begun around 8:15 in the morning today and till 100 seats, AAP was in lead on 60 seats. But later the picture got totally different from what was predicted in teh four exit polls.

Despite the fact that the BJP has not formed its government in Delhi for last 24 years, but it still can take control over the MCD polls. Back in 2015, the AAP had won 67 out 70 seats but two years later, the BJP won 181 of 272 seats in the civic polls which were far away from the AAP and the Congress.

Currently, both the AAP and BJP are controlling Delhi administration by the means route of state and the central governments. Meanwhile, the Congress is still trying to recover its ground in Delhi ever since the AAP came into existence.

The BJP has manifested for housing if won and has even accused many AAP leaders for corruption. Congress has also taken advantage of all this. However, Mr Kejriwal has reaffirmed that his glorious work as the Chief Minister will not be defeated by these “bogus charges” and “misuse of central agencies”.

The civic polls of Delhi is one of the three battles being fought simultaneously. The AAP, BJP and Congress are battling the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections and Gujarat assembly elections alongside these MCD polls of Delhi for last couple of months.

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