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White House Clarifies Biden’s Remarks Not Intended As Xenophobic, Defends Stance

The US is a country that welcomes immigrants, according to the White House, which has defended President Joe Biden’s comments labelling China, Japan, India, and Russia as “xenophobic” countries. Biden underlined how vital it is for the United States to be an immigrant-friendly nation in order to fortify both its domestic and international ties.

He was speaking more broadly. The president’s regard for our allies and partners is well known to them,” stated White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

It goes without saying that we have a close relationship with both Japan and India. Furthermore, the President has made a point of focusing on these diplomatic ties over the past three years, according to Jean-Pierre.

During his speech to his supporters at the Democratic Party fundraiser on Wednesday. “This election is about freedom, America, and democracy,” stated Biden. I therefore really need you. You know, you and many others have contributed to the expansion of our economy. Why? since foreigners are welcome here.”

“We seek to — the rationale — consider it. Why is China’s economy stalling out so badly? Why is everything in Japan going wrong? Why does Russia exist? For what reason is India? due to their xenophobia. Immigrants are not welcome there, Biden stated.

While Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid an official visit to the White House in April, Biden received Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a State visit last year.

Since thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country each month, Biden’s immigration policies have come under fire from the Republican Party and his opponents. In an effort to challenge China and Russia on a global scale, Biden has pushed to cultivate wide-ranging political and economic ties with nations like Japan and India.

In the November 5 presidential contest between Republican nominee and former president Donald Trump and Joe Biden, immigration is a major talking point.

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