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Friday, December 2, 2022
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Preity Zinta Welcomes Twins With Gene Goodenough Opting Surrogacy

Preity Zinta, a Bollywood actress, took to Instagram to announce the birth of her twin children with Gene Goodenough. Surrogacy was chosen by the actress.

‘Hello everyone,’ she wrote. Today, I’d like to share some exciting news with you all. As we welcome our twins Jai Zinta Goodenough and Gia Zinta Goodenough into our family, Gene and I are ecstatic and our hearts are filled with so much appreciation and love.’

‘We are quite excited about this new phase in our life,’ she continued. Thank you very much to the physicians, nurses, and surrogate for being a part of this incredible journey. Loads of love and light – Gene, Preity, Jai & Gia #gratitude #family #twins #ting.’

Since her marriage to Gene Goodenough, the actress has been away from the spotlight. She is, however, quite active on social media, where she is frequently seen treating her fans to breathtaking photos and videos of herself, as well as keeping her followers up to speed on her whereabouts and personal life.

Preity Zinta celebrated her 23rd year in Bollywood in August of this year. “23 Years of Movies,” she wrote, “23 Years of Movies 🙏 If you are in the habit of chasing rainbows be ready to get drenched in the rain cuz a life without rain is like the sun without shade. Today I celebrate 23 years in movies & I must confess I’m a bit overwhelmed thinking about all those people that have contributed to my journey.”

“I’m thankful and grateful to all of them for supporting me, challenging me, and pushing me to be a better version of myself,” she continued. Thank you so much to all of my coworkers, admirers, and critics for picking me up when I was down and pulling me down when my feet fled the ground.”

“This film transports me back to the first prize I received in my cinematic career. I was completely taken aback when I found out I had won. It was as if I were in a dream. Here’s to larger goals, better movies, building a magical universe, and Dil Se entertaining all of you once more.

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