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IT Dept Recoveres Cash Worth ₹ 351 Crore And 3 Kg Gold From Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu’s Premises

A recovery of ₹ 351 crore and gold ornaments of approximately 3 kg have been led by the Income Tax department’s raids at Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu’s premises in Odisha and Jharkhand. The officials have said that this was the highest cash haul in single attempt by any investigating agency.

A major chunk of the recovery was from Odisha-based Boudh Distillery Private Limited that was linked to the Congress MP.

On December 6, following the lead raids were conducted against the Distillery’s promoters on charges of tax evasion and “off-the-book” transactions.

At least 100 IT officials took part during the raids and over 40 machines were used to count the seized cash.

During the searches, the tax officials check for all the cash, property papers, electronic devices, financial documents, gold and other such items.

The seized cash is counted under the presence of two independent witnesses and put under seal. Finally the cash is then taken to a national bank. .

The cash is then deposited in a bank account owned by the IT department. In this case, the ₹ 351 crore has been deposited in Odisha State Bank of India in an account owned by the Income Tax Department.

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