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Women’s Resevation Bill Under Questions, BRS Leader K Kavitha Welcomes Move

Minister of State Prahlad Singh Patel taking to his X handle on Monday announced that the Cabinet has approved the Women’s Reservation Bill, but he deleted his tweet in just an hour.

When questioned about the Women’s Resevation Bill, Senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said “apna hai”.

However, it is not known what was discussed during the cabinet meeting that went for over 90 minutes on Monday, it is being guessed that the women’s reservation bill was approved.

Earlier, sources from the government had hinted upon that the bill was approved by the cabinet and it was likely to be tabled in the special session of Parliament that began on Monday.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal taking to his X handle said, “Wonder why Modi ji, if introduced, waited for almost 10 years when almost all political parties are in support ? 2024 is perhaps the reason But if the government does not provide quota for OBC women BJP may also lose UP in 2024 ! Think about it !” (sic).

Congress general secretary and Rajya Sabha member, KC Venugopal also said, “For India to truly prosper, it can’t leave 50% of the population out of decision-making processes. Smt. Sonia Gandhi ji and Dr. Manmohan Singh recognised this and brought the Women’s Resevation Bill in 2010 and passed it in Rajya Sabha. If the BJP is serious, it will pass it in Lok Sabha immediately.”

BRS MLC K Kavitha however, welcomed the move by the Cabinet approving the Women’s Reservation Bill but she was curious about what the Bill has in its contents.

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