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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Walk Out From Parliament Completely Exposed Opposition During PM Modi’s Speech: Assam CM

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday said that the solution to bring back peace to violence-hit Manipur will come “from heart and not bullets” now and Indian Army “won’t be able to solve anything” in state which is under disturbances for over 100 days.

Questioning Rahul Gandhi, the Chief Minister said whether the Congress leader who was suggesting that Army could “stop the nonsense” In the state was prescribing that the Army should open fire on civilians.

Opposition first demanded Prime Minister’s say on Manipur issue and once he started speaking the Opposition then started walking out of the Parliament which “completely exposes their designs”, said Mr Sarma further.

“The intention of the opposition was not to do anything with Manipur, they wanted to disrupt the parliament. They wanted to raise a hue and cry inside the parliament. But that was not love for Manipur, that was for their vested political interest,” said the Assam Chief Minister.

Mr Sarma extended his support to PM Modi and praised him for his speech saying that he poured his heart to the Northeast during his 2 hours 20 minutes speech.

“He also demonstrated how much affection he has for the people of northeast. We are immensely happy, opposition will not be happy. I hope that as a principal party, the opposition should listen the PM speech till last,” Assam Chief Minister also said.

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