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Villain Vinayakan In Rajnikant’s Jailer Arrested In Kerala Over Uncontrollable Public Behaviour

Ernakulam North police detained actor Vinayakan, who portrayed the antagonist in the Rajinikanth film “Jailer,” on Tuesday for reportedly causing a disturbance at the station. According to police sources, he was brought to Ernakulam General Hospital, where the medical examination is now complete.

The actor was detained on suspicion of acting strangely in public while intoxicated and interfering with the police station’s functions. Sources claim that he was questioned at the station following allegations that he had caused a disturbance at his flat.

Speaking to news agency, North Police SHO (station house officer) said, “The action was taken because he (Vinakayan) behaved indecently. He will be released after a while. He will be released on station bail.
He was drunk, is what we understand.”

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