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Vikas Bahl Announces Sequel Of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen After 10 Years, Producer Vikramaditya Reveals More Details

We first got to know Rani from Kangana Ranaut’s Queen in 2013. She went on her honeymoon by herself and was strong and resilient. One of the most inspirational characters ever created is undoubtedly Kangana’s Rani, who remains iconic in the minds of fans even today. Ten years later, Vikas Bahl has revealed that the movie will have a sequel, and fans can’t wait. Will Rani search for her true love or embark on yet another global adventure? We’ll just have to watch and wait, I guess. Producer Vikramaditya Motwane has since disclosed additional information regarding the impending sequel.

The producer claimed in an interview with a media site that the reason the first Queen was successful was because it had a remarkable plot and premise. It will be hard to duplicate the enchantment again, he claims, so filmmakers are up against the original movie. Nonetheless, Motwane believes the movie has to be done if the creators can pull it off!

“Of course, if it’s the right story,” Motwane said. Everything is based on the tale. The first Queen succeeded because its premise and plot were really amazing. The challenge lies in the fact that you have to perform the same spell over and over again. However, by all means, if they can replicate that enchantment once more.

Lisa Haydon and Rajkummar Rao were also featured in Queen. The stunning plot and Kangana’s performance with the supporting cast won over many fans. Kangana Ranaut received appreciation for her performance and won awards for the movie.

Kareena Kapoor Khan was first offered the movie, but she declined it. In an interview, the actress stuck to her guns and declared she didn’t regret turning down the movie. Fans still adore Rani, even if Queen assisted Kangana in winning the National Award for Best Actress of the Year.

Conversely, Tejas, Kangana’s most recent release, has not done well at the box office. Since the movie’s premiere, theatres have remained empty and fans are upset.

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