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Victim Of Pearl V Puri Case Found Molested Confirms Medical Test

Famous TV actor Pearl V Puri was taken into judicial custody a week ago after he was blamed for raping a minor. He is right now serving 14-day judicial custody as ordered by the Vasai court. Since his arrest, many from the TV industry turned out in his support. The victim’s mother has likewise guaranteed that the actor is not guilty and that it is her antagonized husband who has recorded the case against Pearl.

Apparently, the legal advisor of the victim’s father has now delivered an explanation through an entertainment portal.

The explanation-

“I, Mr. Ashish A. Dubey, an advocate of the father of the 5-year-old girl in the Pearl V Puri case wants to issue an official statement on behalf of my client. The child who is 5 years old was in the custody of the mother and for 5 months father had no contact at all with the child. One day when the father went to school to pay her school fees the child came running to her father and said that she is scared and she wants to go with him. Seeing the fright on the child’s face the father took her home. On reaching home the child narrated what happened to her. The father immediately called the police and after a medical examination of the child at Nair hospital, it was confirmed that the child speaks the truth that molestation has happened. The child named the accused with his screen name (Ragbir). The father does not watch TV serials so he did not know him at all, nor he was aware that Ragbir is the screen name of someone. After further investigation, it came to be known that Ragbir is the screen name of an actor and his actual name is Pearl Puri.

At the point when pictures of various different actors were shown to the girl, the girl said no. At the point when Ragbir’s (Pearl Puri) picture was shown the girl affirmed it was him.

Later, the police spoke to the girl and surprisingly the girl was made to meet the judge alone to record 164 statements. Indeed, even before the justice the girl affirmed a similar story and recognized a similar individual. The girl likewise told the justice that she revealed the matter promptly to the mother. The mother yelled at Ragbir.

I need to make a couple of focuses for my client in light of the fact that a great deal of bogus stories and allegations are made against him via social media by powerful individuals.

1) The girl came hurrying to her father for help. So as a dependable and loving father, my client paid regard to the girl’s concern and took her to the police station and got her medical done. Is that an off-base thing or a wrongdoing?

2) My client (the girl’s dad) never referenced anybody’s name. The girl named the accused.

3) The girl detailed the matter and it was clear through the medical test that girl was telling the truth. So where is my client( the girl’s father) wrong in it at all to confirm her problem. The girl’s mother was additionally called to the Nair hospital at the hour of medical and she was available there. For what reason would a 5-year-old girl lie about this? My inquiry for my client to every one of the influential individuals via social media is if a 5-year offspring of yours reports this sort of occurrence, would you not follow this equivalent thing for your own child that my client did.

4) Accusations, that it is unsuccessful marriage, bad husband, toxic relationship to redirect the matter from the real truth, that the girl has been attacked is totally off-base. The marriage whether good or bad has nothing to do with what happens to a child. The girl spoke the truth as affirmed by the medical test, so why to discuss anything out of the context.

5) The conversation ought to be that the 5-year-old kid has been attacked and the molester ought to be rebuffed. Rest all the other things is of no significance.

6) If powerful individuals make such scorn to the complaint of the girl against such appalling crime, would some other parent attempt to fight for the justice of the kid?

My client who is a working class man is profoundly harmed by every one of these allegations since he is battling alone in this fight supporting the girl. Is attempting to get justice for a 5-year-old kid against assault such a major crime that everybody is being judgemental about the father as opposed to really knowing realities from the police.

With folded hands, my client demands that everybody allows the judiciary to do its work and stop blaming my little girl for being a liar.”

The said occurrence had supposedly occurred on the arrangements of the show Bepanah Pyaar in 2019 of which Pearl V Puri was the lead actor. The victim who is a minor used to visit the sets of the show with her mother who is a part of the cast.

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