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Uzbekistan Provides 2000 Seats For Ukraine-Returned Indian Students During Russia’s Invasion

The continuous conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had a number of repercussions, and a great number of people have been forced to suffer the burden of this struggle for power. As a result of the conflict that broke out in February 2022, hundreds of students from India were forced to leave their schools and put their academic futures in the hands of the military. According to statements made by Uzbekistan’s envoy to India on Thursday, the country is now offering 2,000 seats in its medical colleges to Indian students who were forced to stop their medical education in Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Dilshod Akhatov, stated that at the request of the Indian government, the Medical Higher Educational Institutes (MHEIs) of the Ministry of Health in Uzbekistan are giving 2,000 places for Indian medical students who are relocating from Ukraine.

According to what he said, MHEIs will provide students with a quality education by accepting the erstwhile MCI and NMC norms (Screening test regulations 2002) and (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate – FMGL Regulations 2021) at an affordable budget for middle class families by providing a study-and-stay-at-place with Indian food. This will be accomplished.

The Ambassador claimed that Uzbekistan distinguishes out in international medical education by offering two undergraduate medical programs to Indians: a 6 year MD Diploma and a 5+1 year MBBS Degree with one year Internship. Both of these undergraduate medical programs are offered in Uzbekistan. The university has a huge modern infrastructure, a considerable number of teaching beds in linked government hospitals and clinics, and thirty percent of Indian and international instructors with supplemental training to help students get ready for the FMGE/NEXT exam.

The Provisional Admission letters were delivered by the Ambassador to the students who had successfully completed the interview session that was held by the Government Higher Medical Institutes of Uzbekistan, such as the Bukhar State Medical Institute and the Tashkent Medical Academy.

Dr. B.Divya Raj Reddy, who is both a Director of NEO and the Indian Representative for MHEIs in the Uzbek Ministry of Health, was present at the event.

Uzbek surgeons and doctors were given the opportunity to work in Hyderabad’s AIG, Yashodha, and Medanta hospitals as part of a health care exchange program between Uzbekistan and Hyderabad. The program lasted for one month. The ambassador stated that as a result of Covid and violence, the focus of the world is shifting toward health, safety, security, and peace; he noted that Uzbekistan is making progress in this regard and is emerging as the safest place.

In addition to this, he stated that the Uzbekistan Tourism and Tashkent International Tourism Fair will take place in Uzbekistan from November 30 to December 2 of this year. In addition to tourists from all over the world and tour operators and agencies, heads of state and ministers of tourism from a variety of countries will be present at this event.

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