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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Puts Fullstop To All Speculation Of Him Quitting Politics

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has put an end to all rumours regarding his electoral future. Gadkari was rumoured to be leaving politics. The Nagpur MP, however, has denied all of these allegations.

The senior BJP leader gave a hint that he might be losing interest in politics and said that since he had put a lot of effort into his job, it would be okay if people did not vote for him, which sparked the rumours.

In an interview with the media on Thursday in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, the senior BJP official stated, “I have no intention of retiring from politics.” This statement was made by a top BJP official in reference to media reports.

“The media must uphold responsible journalism in their reporting on this matter,” he added.

The Mumbai-Goa highway building project was also the subject of an aerial inspection by the Union Minister earlier on Thursday.

Gadkari also reportedly stated that the long-awaited construction of Mumbai-Goa National Highway No. 66 would be finished by December 2023 and the road would be available for traffic in January 2024, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

He added that there are ten options for the Mumbai-Goa highway. In the Sindhudurg region, two of these packages (P-9, P-10) are almost entirely finished. In the Ratnagiri district, there are a total of five packages, and the work on two of them (P-4 and P-8) has been finished to 92 and 98 percent, respectively. The remaining work is currently being done. By selecting a new contractor, the delayed work on two packages (P-6, P-7) has been resumed, the Minister was told.

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways added that the Panvel-Indapur phase of land acquisition and environmental permits had caused a delay in the start of work on the Mumbai-Goa National Highway. He claimed that all of these obstacles have now been overcome and that the removal of the flyover in the Karnala sanctuary area has resolved the environmental problem.

The Minister announced that the Mumbai-Goa National Highway building in Goa was finished. Major tourist sites in Konkan are connected by the Mumbai-Goa National Highway. The growth of tourists will be aided by this. The Minister added that because key industrial areas are connected by road, industrial development will also benefit.

The minister also unveiled three new initiatives with a combined budget of Rs 15,000 crore. These include the Rs. 1,200 billion Kalamboli Junction project, the Rs. 1,200 billion Pagode Junction Chowk to Greenfield Highway project, and the Rs. 13,000 billion Morbe – Karanjade highway linking Delhi via JNPA. These projects will shortly begin to be worked on.

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