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Taliban Captures Panjshir Killing Top Leaders Fahim Dashti, Wadood And Others. Saleh Moves To Safer Location

In an threatening end to Afghanistan’s resistance, the Taliban have successfully captured a few areas of Panjshir Valley In an ominous end to Afghanistan‘s resistance, the Taliban have successfully taken over few territories of Panjshir Valley — the last stronghold of the conflict torn country immaculate by the hardliners — erupting heavy disruption and casualties on the Resistance Force led by supervising President Amrullah Saleh who is safe after blasts at the house where he was staying but has been moved to an unknown place.

Many chief leaders of resistance including the spokesperson Fahim Dashti, Munib Amiri, Wadood, Gul Haidar Khan and a nephew of Ahmad Shah Massoud have been killed during the fight.

The spokesperson of Resistance Front Dashti was also a senior member of the Jamiat-e-Islami party and a member of the Federation of Afghan Journalists.

The group have taken the control over Panjshir –North of Kabul by the end of battle, said sources from the Islamist militia. They also said that the house where Saleh was staying was also invaded with the blasts by the Taliban helicopters, however he has moved to a safe place.

The sounds of the celebratory gunfiring have resounded all over the Kahul and social media was full of Panjshir mentions.

A media report had earlier suggested that Pakistan was assisting Taliban in their battle against the resistance in the Panjshir Valley.

The souces have said that the Pakistan is giving air support to Taliban fir Panjshir adding sone Special Forces have been airlifted to fight the resistance.
All main supplies and roads were blocked by the militant group. Both the Taliban and the Resistance Force have sustained major casualties during the fight, said sources.

Meanwhile, Saleh in his written letter to US has asked for national and international assisting agencies mobilise their resources with immediate effect to end the “war crimes” committed by the hardliners.

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