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Taapsee Pannu’s Short Film ‘Vulnerable’ Releases In India

Following the world premiere of the short film ‘Vulnerable: Scars That You Don’t See’ at Milan Fashion Week, star Taapsee Pannu announced the film’s release in India via her social media account. Shabinaa Khan and Kulsum Shadab Wahab collaborated on the short video, which is now available on YouTube.

Following its critical acclaim and popularity in Milan, the short film is now available on the video-sharing network. The film promotes inclusivity and equality by breaking down barriers. It is the first Indian short film to address the categorization of beauty standards. It includes people of various ethnicities, races, and acid attack survivors of Hothur Foundation.

Kulsum Shadab Wahab, Executive Director Hothur Foundation and founder Ara Lumiere says, “We are born into a world where everything is mapped out by those before us. That world doesn’t exist anymore and its rules of separation don’t apply. Vulnerable is our manifesto of freedom and inclusion. Through the power of ‘art’ and ‘equity’ we can manifest a world of compassion, love, and understanding.”

Film producer Shabinaa Khan says, “How often have we second-guessed our decisions because of who we think we are? The labels assigned to us limit our expression and existence. Through Vulnerable, we want to celebrate individuality and make inclusivity the status quo. I hope viewers revel in the new age of freedom.”

With Ara Lumiere’s collection by Kulsum Shadab Wahab, Founder, Hothur Foundation, Presented by Shabinaa Khan, directed by Arsala Qureishi & Jas Sagu the film is out now.

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