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Survey On Rising Vegetable Prices Shows 87% Households Affected, Many Paying Double Prices

According to a survey, nine out of ten Indian households have felt the squeeze of increased vegetable prices in the previous 30 days. The poll, performed by LocalCircles, garnered 11,800 responses from residents in 311 districts throughout India, claiming that about 87 percent of Indian households had been “affected” by increased vegetable costs since March. Seventy-seven percent of those polled reported their vegetable spending had increased by more than 25 percent.

According to the findings of the poll, the costs of various vegetables have risen dramatically in the last month. In comparison to last month, 36% of respondents indicated they were paying 10-25 percent more for the same number of veggies, while another 14% said they were paying 0-10 percent more. When compared to March, 25% of consumers said they had to pay 25-50 percent more for the same amount of veggies, while another 5% said they had to burn an additional 50-100 percent for the same amount of vegetables.

Seven percent of those polled said they were paying more than twice as much for the same amount of product. Only 2% of respondents indicated they were spending less overall, while 4% said the prices had remained unchanged. 7% of respondents claimed they couldn’t tell the difference between the prices then and now. According to the surveyor, the survey was performed using the LocalCircles platform, and only Indian citizens were registered after checking their documentation.
Men made up 64 percent of the responders, while women made up 36 percent. They came from tier 1 cities 48% of the time and tier 2 cities 29% of the time. The remaining 23% of respondents were from tier 3 and tier 4 cities, as well as rural areas.

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