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Standing Committee Of BBA Seeks Strict Action Against RK Pathan For Allegations Against Justice Chandrachud

On Monday, the Bombay Bar Association’s (BBA) standing committee passed a resolution asking various authorities not to investigate the charges made against Justice DY Chandrachud in a letter addressed by an attorney by the name of RK Pathan. Additionally, the resolution calls for the start of “severe measures” against Pathan.

Formerly serving on the Bombay High Court, Justice Chandrachud is currently serving as a judge on the Supreme Court of India. The association said that Pathan was the same person that the Supreme Court had found guilty of contempt of court in 2019. To frighten the courts and meddle in the administration of justice, Pathan had continued to make accusations against judges, according to BBA.

The current lawsuit is nothing more than a similar action taken by Pathan immediately before Justice Chandrachud’s name was recommended for the position of the next Chief Justice of India. The resolution emphasised that it is easy to identify the malevolent intent and purpose behind such a complaint and that it is revealed by the date of the complaint itself.

In order to prepare the complaint, BBA has asked for strong action to be taken against Pathan and those connected to him.

Pathan said that Justice Chandrachud had made a ruling in a case purportedly related to one in which his son Abhinav Chandrachud had testified.

However, the BBA decision said that Abhinav Chandrachud did not deal with clients directly because he worked as a counsel appearing in cases that were directed by Advocates on Record. According to BBA, there is nothing in the record that shows the relationship or anything that suggests the Judge would have been aware of any connection.

Pathan also claimed that Justice Chandrachud had issued decisions in which restrictions imposed on those who had not had immunizations were upheld.

But according to BBA, if judicial orders made while doing their duties as judges became the target of such complaints, it would only be an effort to undermine the entire foundation of the legal system.

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