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SRK To Make OTT Debute ‘SRK+’, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap React Among Others

Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a Disney+Hotstar advertisement a few months ago, when he was seen mulling a foray into the OTT sector. He was shown in the commercial discussing several concepts with his management for his OTT debut. Shah Rukh Khan has revealed his OTT initiative SRK+, months after the famous commercial. SRK announced SRK+ on his social media account on Tuesday morning.

Shah Rukh Khan posted a poster of himself with the SRK+ logo on it. SRK commented, “Kuch kuch hone wala hai, OTT ki duniya mein.”

Reacting to the announcement, Salman Khan wrote,”Aaj ki party teri taraf se @iamsrk. Congrats on your new OTT app, SRK+”.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, too, reacted to the post and announced that he will be collaborating with Khan. “Dream come true! Collaborating with @iamsrk on his new OTT app, SRK+,” he wrote.

Shah Rukh Khan is said to be launching his own OTT channel soon following the announcement. That is not the case, though. According to reports, SRK+ is an extension of his Disney+Hotstar relationship, and more information will be released shortly. With Disney+Hotstar, the superstar will make his digital debut.

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