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SRK And Gauri Khan’s Mannat Costs 14% Above It’s Bought Price. Bungalow Costs 200 Crore Now

There is no need to introduce the power couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. They jointly own Mannat, one of the priciest homes in India. The stunning home overlooking the Arabian Sea is worth an incredible 200 crore! Yes, it is reported that the bungalow inhabited by India’s most renowned star is worth that much.

It’s interesting to note that SRK reportedly purchased this home in 2001 before naming it. It was once known as Villa Vienna and dates back to 1914, when a Parsi family held it before selling it to a real estate company. More interestingly, this bungalow was first offered to Salman Khan, who, in an interview, revealed that his father, Salim Khan, said no to such a big house!

This property, which spans over 27,000 square feet and features both modern and vintage architecture and decor, was purchased by Shah Rukh Khan in 2001, just before he became King Khan. Gauri Khan is the designer of this bungalow’s decor.

Although the Pathaan star paid 13.5 crore for the house in 2001, its current value has increased by over 14.8 times. This remarkable purchase had an almost 1381% increase in value over the course of these 22 years, making it one of Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan’s most costly possessions. The property is a six-storeyed bungalow with a view of the Arabian Sea, a gym, a private theatre, a library, a swimming pool, and all the little pleasures and facilities you might dream of.

A few years ago, Mannat’s nameplate made headlines when it was revealed that Gauri Khan had changed the nameplate of their bungalow and added a diamond valued at Rs. 25 lakh! But as soon as some renovation work at the home began, it was taken down.

A life-size statue of Marilyn Monroe may be found within Mannat, according to a Times Now story. The dining room features a table big enough to seat thirty people, and the living room is spacious. Some places try to look as exquisite and royal as they can. Gauri Khan frequently posts pictures of their bungalow’s interior.

The house has been famous for hosting Diwali parties and parties in general. However, before Shah Rukh Khan bought this bungalow and decided to call it Mannat in 2001, he shot Chaand Taare Tod Laaun in front of the same bungalow in 1997! Phewww, talk about manifestation, someone!

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