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Srinagar Authorities Ban Sale, Purchase And Carrying Of Sharp Weapons In Public Places

In response to numerous stabbing occurrences in the city, Srinagar authorities on Friday outlawed the sale, acquisition, and possession of “sharp-edged weapons” in public areas.

An official spokeswoman stated Srinagar District Magistrate Mohammad Aijaz Asad made the announcement of the prohibition.

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police, the decision was made in response to multiple recent stabbing occurrences that were reported from, among other areas, Qamarwari, Bemina, Kralpora, Batmaloo, Nowhatta, Kothibagh, and Rambagh.

According to the directive, situations involving the use of sharp weapons in public areas represent a serious threat to the lives and security of the general public and are of the utmost importance.

“It has become imperative to check the practice of carrying sharp-edged weapons by people in the territorial jurisdiction of District Srinagar so as to prevent the occurrence of such incidents,” it added.

Accordingly, it is a criminal violation under the Arms Act of 1959 to possess sharp-edged weapons “whose blade is more than nine inches long or whose blade is more than two inches wide” for any reason other than domestic, agricultural, scientific, or industrial uses, the ruling stated.

According to the spokesman, the ban, which is effective right away, would apply to commercial entities involved in the sale or acquisition of such weapons.

He cited the order and said that a “sharp-edged weapon” is any object or tool with a blade, an edge, or a point capable of injuring or harming others, including but not limited to knives, swords, daggers, box cutters, and razors.

The decree further said that everyone would be subject to the ban, with the exception of law enforcement officials and anyone who need the weapons for their legal line of work (such as butchers, carpenters, electricians, chefs, etc.).

The directive further stated that anyone in possession of a sharp-edged weapon must turn it in within the next 72 hours at the local police station.

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