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Speeding Car Kills 7-Year-Old On Spot In Pune

The scooter that a seven-year-old child and his mother were riding was allegedly run over by a fast automobile on Thursday in an accident in Pune.

According to the authorities, the automobile struck them hard, seriously hurting the mother, and dragged the boy for 700 to 800 meters.

CCTV footage demonstrated how the vehicle eventually came to a stop, causing onlookers to rush over to assist the injured.

According to the authorities, the driver, Rahul Tapkir, was intoxicated at the time of the collision. The youngster and his mother were riding a scooter when he crashed into them.

They were both taken directly to the hospital. The youngster, however, passed away from his wounds. The mother is presently receiving medical care despite suffering severe wounds.

Rahul Tapkir, 40, has been apprehended by the police as the main suspect in this case.

The woman and her child were hit from behind by the car near Pune’s Charoli Phata, according to a senior police officer.

He continued, explaining that the boy was dragged under the car because of the intensity of the collision.

Police are looking into the situation right now.

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