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Skill Development Case: Andhra Pradesh HC Grants Interim Bail To Chandrababu Naidu Over Health Issue

In the AP Skill Development case, the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Tuesday granted TDP chairman N Chandrababu Naidu provisional bail for a four-week period.

Naidu’s attorneys had told the judge that he need the money in order to get cataract surgery.

The bench ordered the former chief minister to appear before the superintendent of the central prison in Rajamahendravaram on or before November 28 after granting the interim bail due to health concerns.

The court stated in the judgement that it was “inclined to grant temporary bail on health grounds to the petitioner/A.37, enabling him to undergo the required surgery on his right eye, with a humanitarian perspective in mind and considering the petitioner’s health condition.”

It instructed Naidu to provide a bail bond for Rs. 1,000,000 along with two sureties of the same amount to the satisfaction of the Trial Court as part of the set of requirements.

The TDP head was also instructed to send the Central Prison Superintendent, when he turned himself in, a sealed cover with information about the medical care he received and the hospital where it was received.

“Any person familiar with the facts of the case shall not be directly or indirectly offered any inducement, threat, or promise to persuade him from disclosing such facts to the Court or any other authority,” the petition stated.

The High Court stated that it was its unwavering conviction that a patient in need of medical care ought to get prompt, efficient, and thorough care.

It further stated that the patient should retain the option of selecting the medical facility for their care.

Naidu is presently being held at Rajamahendravaram prison on charges of embezzling money from the Skill Development Corporation, causing the state exchequer to allegedly lose more than Rs 300 crore.

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