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Sima Taparia Speaks About Her Success For Indian Matchmaking, Respond To Deepika Padukone Binge Watch

Due to the popularity of her Netflix series Indian Matchmaking among binge watchers, Sima Taparia is on the rise. Sima discussed her “99.9% success rate” when promoting her most recent music video, Shadi Ki Tayaree Hai, and she also addressed Deepika Padukone’s binge-watching of the show.

When it comes to finding partners, she has largely been successful, and once a pair is married, it is not her concern if their relationship goes “haywire.”

In an interview, Sima said, “Nothing is in my hands, up till now everything has been positive and 99.9% I have a success rate. But if something happens it is also not in my hands, if the couple doesn’t have patience, if they have ego, if they are not understanding , if they are not flexible then things will go haywire, so that’s not my problem, but I feel very bad, but up till now nothing has affected my success rate.”

In one of her “Ask Me Anything” or AMA sessions from last month, Deepika Padukone acknowledged that she had been binge-watching Sima Taparia’s Indian Matchmaking. The 2020 television programme has already had three seasons. Reacting to Deepika sharing how she’s bee hooked to her show, Sima said, “Deepika is number one and a fantastic heroine. I am her big fan, I love her work, the way she talks, her thoughts and all. I pray to God that she progresses more in this industry.”

“I am very happy that she is binge watching Indian Matchmaking. I am very happy that she has liked my show. May celebrities have messaged me on Instagram, but Deepika took to Instagram to say that she is binge watching the show, it is a period moment for me,” Sima added.

Sima continued by discussing how the show has improved her life and her career. She shared, “People recognise me in malls and restaurants, in shops, everywhere. I was in Dubai three days back and there were so many fans, I did a lot of interviews there. They want me to do many events there. I recently gave a talk at Stanford and Yale University in the US. People want to call me to the universities to give a message to the students.”

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