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Shiv Sena Leader Vinod Ghosalkar’s Son Shot Dead During Facebook Live

Abhishek, the son of Shiv Sena (UBT) politician Vinod Ghosalkar, was shot and killed on Thursday, February 8, during a Facebook Live in Mumbai, India.

Abhishek Ghosalkar is seen being fired at by a neighbour in the footage that was circulated on social media and became viral. After that, the assailant shot himself.

Reports state that the event happened in the Dahisar area of north Mumbai.

After allegedly being taken to the adjacent Karuna Hospital in Borivali, Abhishek purportedly passed away from gunshot wounds.

In the video, Abhishek is seen discussing local works with several Facebook visitors while seated on a sofa. He was shot at least three times by an unidentified individual with a pistol when he got to his feet, according to the video.

Abhishek, a former Dahisar resident and BMC Municipal Corporator, staggered and fell.

Shortly after shooting Ghosalkar, the alleged shooter, known as Morris Noronha, reportedly shot himself as well.

Although there has been no official statement released thus far, rumours suggest that the event may have been caused by a personal disagreement.

Sanjay Raut, the leader of Shiv Sena (UBT), posted a post on X titled “Gunda raj in Maharashtra,” in which he criticised the government. Four days ago, Mauris Noronha—who shot Abhishek Ghosalkar—was in Varsha’s home.”

“He was met by the Chief Minister. Morrish received a Shinde Sena membership invitation. In his role as Home Minister, Fadnavis is a total failure. Step down!” he urged.

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