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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Shifting Exam Centres For Term-2 Board Exams Heavily Criticised Amid Rising Covid Cases

Covid cases are again rising continuously in Delhi and NCR cities. The rising covid cases are showing an upward slope, authorities are concerned about schools that have been reopened after almost two years of gap as they have also started reporting covid cases.

Currently the schools are facing difficulties in containing the spread of Covid cases among students but conducting Term-2 board exams is new big challenge if cases remain on rising. The exams are to be held in the month of May and if cases keeps on rising them May will be the crucial month to contain the spread of the virus.

The authorities had decided to allot examinations centre for Term-2 exams away from students’ schools as opposed  to Term-1 exams. The decision is already not much favoured by the students and parents but now the several schools are also questioning the decision.

Not only schools, students and parents, the medical experts have also criticized the decision of alloting centres away from home schools. Below are the factors that may impact the safety of students:

Generally the students go the school which is most feasible for them in terms of distance and in the prevailing scenario of Covid-19 it is better to travel less and also the students are much familiar with their own school and it’s ambience because of which it would be better for students to take care of their safety in their own schools rather than going to some other school.

According to the medical experts a small lapse in following the Covid appropriate behaviour may lead to a big problem. Home schools will provide controlled and familiar atmosphere to the students as they will know everyone there but on the other hand going to other schools may expose them to uncertain conditions which may develop a serious threat to their safety.

The students have not much attended offline classes for past two years and have not given offline examinations, so they are not mentally and physically ready to face the rigour of offline examinations, so it would be better for them to give exams in their home schools to provide them maximum comfort to facilitate ease in examinations. schools

As the school administration would be familiar with their children regarding their vaccination but the concern of covid outbreak among students in far away centre is obvious because of unfamiliarity, so it would be much easier for the school authorities to contain the spread in home schools rather than in far off schools.

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