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Sharad Pawar Calls For Serious Response To Ensure Safety After 24 Deaths In Maharashtra Hospital

Sharad Pawar, the leader of the National Congress Party (NCP), blasted the Eknath Shinde administration for the deaths of 24 people in 24 hours, including 12 infants. He claimed that the incident shows how inadequate government systems are and demanded a serious response to ensure patient safety moving forward.

“The unfortunate incident of 24 people dying, including 12 newborns, in 24 hours in a government hospital in Nanded is literally shocking,” Sharad Pawar remarked on X.

Due to an apparent shortage of medications, the incident was recorded at Shankarao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital in this location.

Recalling a similar incident in which 18 people died in Kalwa Hospital of Thane Municipal Corporation, Mr Pawar said, “Just two months ago, there was an unfortunate incident where 18 people died in a single night in Kalwa Hospital of Thane Municipal Corporation. However, due to not taking this incident seriously, such a very serious incident was repeated in the government hospital in Nanded. This shows the failure of government systems.”

Mr. Pawar pointed out that while the administration downplayed the gravity of the episode, a similar catastrophe occurred in the government hospital in Nanded.

Mr. Pawar emphasized the necessity of saving the lives of defenseless patients as he pleaded with the state government to take urgent and decisive action to stop similar incidents from occurring again.

“At least considering the seriousness of these unfortunate incidents, the state government needs to ensure that concrete steps are taken so that these incidents are not repeated and the lives of innocent patients are saved,” Sharad Pawar added.

According to Dr. Shyamrao Wakode, head of the Medical College, the deceased had a number of illnesses, such as poisoning from phosphorus and arsenic as well as snake bites.

“Around 12 children died in the last 24 hours and 12 adults also died due to various ailments (snake bites, arsenic and phosphorus poisoning etc.). Due to transfers of various staff, there was some difficulty for us. We were supposed to buy medicines from the Haffkine Institute but that also didn’t happen. Also, patients come from far off to this hospital and there were many patients whose sanctioned budget also got disturbed,” Dr Shyamrao Wakode said.

In addition to these fatalities, another 70 patients who were referred from other private hospitals in the area are reportedly in a “critical” condition, according to ex-CM and senior Congress politician Ashok Chavan of Nanded.

“Around 24 people’s death has been reported at the Dr Shankarrao Chavan Medical College and Hospital and therefore I have come here and met the Dean. The situation is concerning and serious. The government should take this up and provide immediate help…Around 70 other people are critical. Replacement of a lot of nurses who were transferred has not been given,” Mr Chavan said.

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