Friday, January 27, 2023
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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Shahid Kapoor Starrer Jersey Faces Biggest Flop At Box Office For Continuous Low Collection

The Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey has again crashed on Tuesday as it collected 15% down from Monday. Earlier, the movie had collected between ₹1.36 to ₹1.45 crores on Tuesday taking the five day total collection to ₹17.81 crores.

The film will currently overlap up around Rs. 20 crore mark and is a significant flop on the box office. The lifetime collections of Jersey would be like the lifetime collections of Rangoon [Rs. 20.68 cr.] and Chance Pe Dance [Rs. 20.62 cr.]. Likewise Jersey’s lifetime collections is equivalent to the Day 1 profit of Shahid Kapoor’s last film, Kabir Singh [Rs. 20.21 cr]. The film will be suspended from significant properties this Friday to be supplanted by Heropanti 2 and Runway 34.

Shahid Kapoor has seen two limits in his last two releases – the greatest blockbuster in Kabir Singh and one of the greatest dramatic flop with Jersey. It would be intriguing to see his move from hereon on the feature film front.

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