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Scoop Review: A Hard Hitting Must Watch For Every Journalist.

We are all aware that some journalists will use any means necessary to get their scoop. In any organisation, these reporters are the ones who are most valued, particularly if you work as a journalist for a newspaper or television. They value their sources and believe in on-the-ground reporting. Additionally, the competition is fierce if you work as a crime reporter, particularly if you are a woman because you are constantly dealing with the office’s boys’ club.

They don’t like the notion of you taking over the spotlight, so they start smearing your reputation by claiming that the reason you made page one was likely due to a unique relationship you had with your employer, that you bought off a source, or that you planted the story for your own gain. The accusations are serious and occasionally inescapable. So, one must be ready to embark on the challenging path of being a female crime reporter.

Scoop on Netflix begins with a black and white image of a crowded Mumbai train station. When a newspaper is purchased, a delighted grandfather of a female journalist notices his granddaughter’s first byline on page six. The main page is all that matters, she tugs him away in a grating manner. So, nobody really notices if you make a spelling error. The grandfather responds, “Even a retired grandfather will notice a spelling error of his granddaughter.” This episode brings back memories of your early years in journalism, when bylines were highly sought for, particularly during the internship and traineeship years.

Scoop by director Hansal Mehta is based on the true account of the horrifying murder of senior journalist Sen Dada, which involved the Mumbai police, the mafia, and prominent crime writer J Dey (Prosenjit Chatterjee). Jagriti Pathak (Karishma Tanna) sacrifices everything in the crazed pursuit of a potential Page One, including her social life, family life, and time with her ten-year-old child, and enters the murky underbelly of Mumbai. She finds up making friends with the top Mumbai police officials, lawyers, and mafias in the course of developing a friendship with danger.

Scoop on Netflix demonstrates how Pathak (Karishma Tanna) is set up by the Mumbai Police as the prime suspect in the killing of prominent journalist Sen Dada. A must-watch for all journalists, based on the true story of Jigna Vora (now known as Jagriti Pathak), shows how one must be vigilant even with juniors who can backstab you for immediate fame and a front page byline!

Hence, we are giving it a rating of 4 out of 5.

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