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Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Surpasses SRK’s Record With Big Collection On Opening Day Entering 40 Crore Club

The first day of the Tiger 3 box office is finally here, and today is undoubtedly going to be a record-breaking day in Indian film history. Today will be remembered as the day Salman dared to release his film on the worst day of the Indian calendar and still managed to achieve a number no other star could have achieved, rather than the day he failed to smash records with his opening weekend gross.

The question to consider is, though: Is it OK to refer to the figure as historical when it doesn’t actually break any records? It simply comes down to comforting oneself when contemplating how things could have been out worse. Imagine releasing the film on Monday, 13th November, and not getting a blockbuster opening.

Prior to delving into Tiger 3’s probable first-day box office earnings, let’s examine the former record holder for this day. It’s Ra.One, starring Shah Rukh Khan, which made 18.50 crores on its first day of release back in 2011.

In modern times, Ra.One’s day one amount would be approximately 39–40 crores if inflation is taken into account. Has Salman crossed there yet? Sure,

According to our reliable sources, Tiger 3 has accomplished far more than just crossing the 40 crore threshold. At the beginning of the movie’s advance booking, it appeared that the first day’s gross would be close to the 35 crore level. But things got better with every passing day, and as hoped by YRF, spot bookings have come into play on the final day, giving the required boost.

Yash Raj Films’ latest entry in the spy universe has broken all records to earn in the range of 41-43 crores on day 1.

This suggests that Tiger 3 has a good chance of surpassing Bharat’s opening day total of 42.30 crores to become the highest-earning Salman Khan film ever. Given that it’s arriving on the day that everyone anticipated it would earn less, this sounds fantastic. Even if the movie’s attendance significantly decreased in the second half, if it has made between 41 and 43 crores, just think of the chaos it would create on day two.

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