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Russia Hits Over 70 Missiles At Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure Causing Power Outages

Russia on Friday is it’s one of the biggest attacks on Ukraine fired more than 70 missiles hitting the critical infrastructure all around the country and knocking out power and forcing Kyiv, second biggest city to make blackouts as people took shelters, said the Ukranian officials.

As per the local officials, the missile attack has hit the eastern part of Kharkiv while in Vonnytsia the west-central Ukraine in the biggest attack since October.

While the regional officials said, the central city of Poltava Kharkiv and areas of Kyiv were left with no electricity and the northern Sumy region also suffered power outages.

The witnesses said loud echoes of explosions were heard in Kyiv and the air defence systems of Ukraine were in operation. Railway operator of the country also said that manu railway lines were left without power.

A residential building in the central City of Kryvyi Rih was also hit, where are people are feared trapped, said Kyrylo Tymoshenko the deputy head of president’s office.

However, there were no casualties reported and it was also not clear what critical infrastructure were actually hit.

Russia first invaded Ukraine in February this year, but since October it has been hitting out at Ukrainian energy infrastructure that has caused continuous power outages in the country at the beginning of the winter.

Moscow calls these attacks on infrastructure militarily legitimate but Ukraine calls them as war crime as they are intended to cause civilian misery.

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