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Rohith Vemula Not Dalit, Telangana Police Report Clears Accused in Controversial Case

The Telangana Police cleared former Secunderabad MP Bandaru Dattatreya, Legislative Council member N Ramachander Rao, vice chancellor Appa Rao, leaders of the ABVP, and Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani in a closure report filed on Friday in the Rohith Vemula death case.

According to the study, Rohith killed himself owing to stress brought on by a number of factors, including his mother creating a fictitious Scheduled Caste certificate for him and his low academic performance as a result of his political involvement on campus.

However, hours after the police closure report was submitted, the brother and mother of the deceased, Vemula, expressed scepticism over it, prompting Telangana DGP Ravi Gupta to urge more investigation into the death case.

“If the studies of the deceased were seen, it appeared that he was involved more in student political issues in the campus rather than in his studies. He discontinued his first Ph.D after pursuing it for 2 years and he joined another Ph.D which also did not progress much because of non academic activities,” the police report read.

The investigation claims that Rohith knew his mother had arranged for him to have a SC certificate and was concerned that if his peers found out, it would damage his reputation.

“In addition to this, the deceased himself is aware that he does not belong to Scheduled Caste and that his mother got him SC certificate. This could be one of the constant fears as the exposure the same would put him to loss of his academic degrees that he earned over the years and be compelled to face prosecution,” the report read.

Therefore, the deceased may have committed suicide because he was troubled by a number of concerns. The report stated, “Despite best attempts, no evidence could be uncovered to demonstrate that the accused’s conduct caused the dead to commit suicide.

The study is released barely ten days before Telangana’s May 13 Lok Sabha election.

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