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Rescue Operation At Uttarkashi Tunnel Reaches Final Stage. Experts From Delhi Arrive On Site

Ambulances are waiting outside the Uttarkashi tunnel as the rescue operation to reach 41 trapper construction workers reached its first stage. A team of seven experts from Delhi also arrived on the site to speed up the operation.

On Wednesday night, the rescue process faced halts after iron bars blocked the passage during the vertical drilling after an escape pipe of 44 metres was inserted into the debris.

The team of NDRF will cut the structures which the drilling machine failed to do because after this the machine will be used again, said Harpal Singh, rescue officer.

To give the drilling machine time to cool time, an attempt was made to cut the iron structures by the gas cutters on Wednesday night. Currently a radius of around 6 to 8 metres of debris is left to be drilled now.

According to the officials, the American auger machine had to drill 57 metres of debris to reach the 41 trapped workers earlier.

On November 12, the under construction Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi collapsed and 41 workers were trapped inside the tunnel.

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