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Rescue Operation At Uttarkashi Tunnel Enters Day 5, Workers Trapped For Over 96 Hours Now

The rescue operations to rescue the 40 construction workers trapped under the debris of collapsed tunnel in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand entered Day 5 on Thursday. Their lives have been hanging with a thread for more than 96 hours now.

The Silkyara Tunnel project was collapsed on November 12 and the workers working for its construction were trapped under its debris.
The rescue teams are continuously communicating with the trapped workers so that they remain motivated and they are also being provided with the essential supplies of food and medicines.

Special teams from Thailand and Norway have also joined in the rescue operation. The team that successfully rescued trapped children from a cave in 2018 in Thailand has also arrived to aid the forces in rescuing the workers.

The specialized equipment ‘American anger’ has been deployed inside the tunnel that is helping in clearing process and bringing the workers closer to safety. This machine has marked a turning point in the 5 day long rescue process.

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