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Ranbir Kapoor Reveals His Long Term Desire To Direct Films At Film Festival In Jeddah

On Wednesday, Ranbir Kapoor attended the Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah. Supporters applauded the Brahmastra actor as he entered for one of the festival’s final “In Conversation” sessions. Ranbir said that his long-term goal is to both direct and perform in films during the session.

“I’ve always wished I could direct and produce a film. But as quoted by Deadline, “I truly haven’t mastered the confidence to create a story. I’ve always waited for a narrative to naturally occur to me. The problem is that I’m not a writer and that I find it difficult to express my ideas to other people. To start directing movies and, ideally, acting in them as well, is something I’m working on and has been included in my ten-year plan, he continued.

Ranbir discussed his most recent failure, Shamshera. He admitted that applying a beard was the “worst error” he did while making the movie. When you stick on a beard while shooting in the heat, it feels like your face is melting, he claimed. When asked which movie in his career “hurt” him the most, RK named Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos. It’s a movie that I made. It was a personal endeavour. Anurag Basu directed the film. Though it was a very endearing and charming concept, its poor performance was extremely upsetting. The only movie I’ve ever seen injured me, he claimed.

Ranbir said to Deadline that the situation has been “very horrible these last few years” in reference to the dire state of the Hindi cinema box office. He added, “I hope with excellent storytelling, and renewed enthusiasm, Indian cinema comes back. The entire tradition of going to a theatre for a community watching of a movie seems to be dying, and it’s just there for the big ticket films.”

Ranbir mentioned RRR, which also stars his wife, the actor Alia Bhatt, when asked about south Indian movies that have been sweeping the globe. They’re doing extremely terrific storytelling, he said. It is not overly serious about itself. All the music, dances, action, camaraderie, and comedic elements are present. It’s a multi-genre movie, but those are challenging to make because we keep trying and failing. Therefore, we’re quite happy that a movie like RRR is having an effect in Hollywood.

In relation to Hollywood, Alia will make her debut there with Heart of Stone, whereas Ranbir has no current intentions to do so. I wouldn’t say never, he responded, but I’m generally happy with the options that are presented to me in my native language and nation. I do have a mental impediment regarding acting in English, though. Because it comes naturally to me, I’d prefer to behave in my native tongue. Never say never, though.

Two of Ranbir’s next movies include the crime thriller Animal by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and the romantic comedy Luv Ranjan, in which he co-stars with Shraddha Kapoor. Ranbir revealed that the Luv Ranjan movie will be one of his final romantic comedies while mingling with the audience. Due to his advancing age and lack of creative ideas, he predicted that this would be one of his final romantic comedies.

Ranbir made a theatrical comeback in 2022 after an extended absence of five years. He appeared in the highly anticipated Brahmastra and the box office dud Shamshera.

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