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Rampur Sadar Assembly Seat Of UP Finally Won By Hindu Candidate After 70 Years

For the first time ever, a Hindu contender won the Rampur Sadar assembly seat on Thursday, December 8. Mohammed Asim Raja of the Samajwadi Party suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of BJP candidate Akash Saxena, breaking through the SP’s questionable leader Azam Khan’s defences. The momentous accomplishment was completed after 20 assembly elections and 70 years.

80964 votes, or 61.95% of the total votes cast, went to Akash Saxena. The SP’s Asim Raja was forced to accept 47262 votes.

The Samajwadi candidate accused the Rampur police of being to blame for his loss when the results were made public. Asim Raja asserted that 70% of the votes in the byelection were stolen while speaking to the local media. He claimed that Rampur police prevented people from voting by force. He claimed, “We had earlier indicated that polls had not taken place in Rampur, yet elections were held in Rampur on December 5.”

Additionally, the SP candidate charged cops with booth capturing. “Police prohibited Rampur residents from casting ballots in any of the 200 voting places in the city. Booths have been stolen from. In only 252 polling locations, 20% of the vote was cast. Outside of the city and village, every booth was taken. 50–70–80% of the population has voted. Every booth was photographed. The ability to vote was denied to 2.25 lakh voters. There were only 45,000 ballots cast, many of them by police officers. There is now a countdown. They were not permitted to vote, according to Asim Raja, in the city where the SP had a majority and where the vote total was 70%.

Elections, however, were conducted smoothly and there have been no reports of such incidents.

Notably, a bypoll on the Rampur Sadar seat became necessary because Azam Khan was found guilty of using hate speech and given a three-year prison sentence, making him ineligible to serve as an MLA. Azam Khan is prohibited from running in elections for the ensuing six years due to his conviction.

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