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Ramdev Is Entitled To Speak Freely According To Constitution, Says HC Over His Allopathic Remarks

The Delhi High Court on Thursday denied to restrict yoga guru Ramdev from making statements against the allopathic medicines or in favour of Coronil citing violation of free speech.

Despite the fact that the HC had issued summons to Ramdev on a petition by the Delhi Medical Association, it stayed dubious on the “maintainability” of the suit and at one stage said DMA “should be spending time on finding cure for the pandemic instead of wasting the court’s time.” The DMA has blamed Ramdev for his statements against allopathic medicines and looked to restrict him from making such statements.

But justice C Hari Shankar contemplated whether a suit can be registered under such conditions since it was more in the nature of a PIL. “Tomorrow I may feel homeopathy is fake. Do you mean they will file a suit against me? Ramdev may be right or wrong. But I don’t think your allopathic profession is so fragile,” he highlighted, saying Ramdev is free to speak anything according to article 19 (1)(a) – freedom of speech and expression granted by Indian Constitution.

However, the HC asked the yoga guru not to make any controversial statements and sought his reply on the suit after 3 weeks.

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