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Rajendra Bharti Who Defeated Narottam Mishra Takes Potshot Saying ‘People Who Talk Big Are Hollow’

In the state assembly polls 2023, Congress leader Rajendra Bharti defeated Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra. Bharti made a jab at Mishra, stating that individuals who talk large are empty-headed.
In the most recent election, Rajendra Bharti defeated Narottam Mishra from the Datia assembly constituency by more than 7,500 votes.

“People who talk big are hollow like this,” stated Rajendra Bharti. By breaking the model code of conduct, he (Narottam Mishra) was able to win the previous three assembly elections. One of them is paid news, and the Supreme Court is currently deliberating over its case.”

Narottam Mishra previously won elections through embezzlement of cash, alcohol, and office staff. He continued, saying that although he had tried again, the public had understood and made up their minds.

The Congress leader further took a dig at the poetic reply of Narottam Mishra after losing election, saying whom was he (Narottam Mishra) telling? Is he telling his party leaders?

“Whom was he (Mishra) telling? Is he telling his party leaders? Or is he telling CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, because Mishra himself was a contender for the Chief Minister,” Rajendra Bharti added.

Notably, Narottam Mishra said in hindi, “Itna bhi gumaan na kar apni jeet par ye bekhabar, teri jeet se jyada charche meri haar ke hain, (Don’t be so proud of your victory, my defeat is in more discussion than your victory.)”

The BJP leader also made one more remark in Hindi, “Samudra ka utarta pani dekh kar kinare par ghar mat bana lena, main laut ke aaunga, ye wada hai, (I will come back, it is my promise).”

On November 17, Madhya Pradesh held a single phase of elections for 230 assembly seats. The results of that state and those of three other states were released on Sunday. With 163 seats won, the BJP secured a resounding victory in the state, while the Congress party only managed 66 seats, placing them well behind.

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