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Rajasthan Congress-In-Charge Calls CM Kejriwal ‘Over-Ambitious’ Over His Speech In Haryana’s Rohtak

In-charge of Rajasthan Congress On Sunday, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa mocked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by referring to him as “over-ambitious”.

Randhawa’s comments occurred after Kejriwal referred to the Congress and the BJP as “smaller organisations than AAP” during his speech in Rohtak, Haryana.

“Kejriwal has excessive ambition. Randhawa was cited by news agencies as saying, “His statements, fighting elections in every state, returning from there with a forfeited deposit and then saying that they are a national party, all this is because he likes to stay on social media.”

Kejriwal was also questioned by the Congress leader over the current investigation into the Delhi liquor policy matter.

“First, he (Kejriwal) should answer the country on the liquor scam going on in Delhi. He should answer why his ministers and MPs are in jail. I am against the ED and the CBI, but they (AAP) also have something to answer,” Randhawa said.

While addressing an AAP event in Rohtak, Kejriwal said that Congress and BJP are smaller organisations than the AAP. “They (Congress and BJP) are not even the 10th part the size of the Aam Aadmi Party. An organisation is formed when people have hopes from that organisation,” Kejriwal said.

Additionally, he stated that although people have faith in the AAP, nobody is willing to join the Congress or the BJP.

“If the Congress or the BJP would go to any village and ask people to join them, no one would come forward. But when an AAP worker goes to a village and asks people to join them, even the children in every house say that they want to join the AAP. Why? People have hope from the AAP,” Kejriwal said.

Notably, the INDIA alliance, which consists of up to 26 opposition parties, includes both the Congress and the AAP.

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