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Rahul Gandhi Shifts Gear, Files Nomination From Raebareli As Gandhis Opt Out of Amethi

There was a significant surprise in the Congress’s last-minute, early-morning decision on Amethi and Raebareli. The party has announced Rahul Gandhi as the candidate from Raebareli, the seat that his mother Sonia Gandhi recently left empty when she transferred to the Rajya Sabha. It was anticipated that Gandhi would mount a full-scale campaign to reclaim Amethi.

Kishori Lal Sharma, a devoted follower of the Gandhi family, will represent the Congress in Amethi, the family stronghold that joined the BJP five years ago. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who had been advocating for her mother for more than ten years, was not persuaded to run from Raebareli.

Following weeks of speculation, the Congress decision was finally revealed on Friday.

Rahul Gandhi is anticipated to file his nomination today and then stage a massive roadshow. Senior leaders Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, along with Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge, will also be present at the roadshow.

Ms. Vadra praised KL Sharma shortly after the contenders for the two prestigious seats were revealed, stating that his “loyalty and dedication” will help him win the election.

“Our family has had a long association with Kishori Lal Sharma ji. His passion for public service is an example in itself. Today, it is a matter of joy that the Congress Party has made Shri Kishori Lal Ji a candidate from Amethi. Kishori Lal Ji’s loyalty and dedication towards duty will definitely bring him success in this election,” she said.

Given Union minister Smriti Irani’s success in Amethi in 2019, there is worry that Rahul Gandhi’s change of seat could work in the BJP’s favour. With her impending victory, the top BJP leader has stated that the Congress’s delay was due to cold feet and is prepared to defend the seat.

She stated that the leadership “is aware that this is a losing seat for them, because if they were so confident of their victory, they would have announced their candidate by now” in an exclusive interview earlier this week.

The party’s discomfiture may increase as a result of Ms. Vadra’s decision not to run. Numerous congressional leaders worry that it would foster a bad impression that could affect how the election turns out nationwide. There are still 353 seats up for election, 330 of which the Congress is running for.

According to sources, Ms. Vadra was reluctant since, with her victory over Raebareli, the BJP’s accusations of dynasty politics may be strengthened because all three of them would be members of parliament. Rahul Gandhi ran from Wayanad in Kerala, and Sonia Gandhi is currently a member of the Rajya Sabha.

Should Mr. Gandhi win in both Raebareli and Wayanad, the party would find itself in a bind since he would have to give up one of the two seats that are equally his.

If Wayanad is a Congress stronghold that had sent him to the Lok Sabha after Amethi had declined, then Raebareli is the long-standing family stronghold. However, the Congress can cross that bridge at a later time.

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