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Qatar Court Gives Death Sentence To 8 Former Indian Navy Personnel. India Expresses ‘Deep Shock’

The Indian Ministry for External Affairs in its response expressed “deep shock” after eight Indians employed with oil-rich AI Dahra company were sentenced to death by a court in Qatar on Thursday. The ministry also assured that it will provide “consular and legal assistance” to the punished.

“We are deeply shocked by the verdict of death penalty and are awaiting the detailed judgement. We are in touch with the family members and the legal team, and we are exploring all legal options. We attach high importance to this case, and have been following it closely. We will continue to extend all consular and legal assistance. We will also take up the verdict with Qatari authorities,” the ministry said in its statement.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said, these eight men are formar Indian Navy Personnel and since August 2022, they were in the custody of Qatar authorities.

The eight men have earlier commanded major Indian warships. They have even worked with Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services, a firm that facilitate training for country’s armed forces.
On October 3, the seventh hearing in this case took place.

The Indian government constantly trying to bring back these man to India. India’s Ambassador to Qatar went to meet these eight men on October 1.

On the condition of not being named, people with the information on the matter said the eight men have been charged for espionage.

Meanwhile, the governments of both India and Qatar have not spoken anything on the charges against these former navy personnel.

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