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Punjab Governor Takes Dig At Bhagwant Mann Led AAP Govt Over Working Of Universities

Banwarilal Purohit, governor of Punjab, stated on Friday that the vice-chancellor position in Tamil Nadu, where he previously served for four years, is auctioned for $40–50 crore.

Purohit’s remarks came as their dispute over university operations in the border state with the Bhagwant Mann-led AAP administration in Punjab grew more heated.

“I served as governor of Tamil Nadu for four years. It was awful there. The vice-position chancellor’s in Tamil Nadu was sold for between 40 and 50 crore rupees, according to a news agency’s quotation from the Punjab governor.

He added that his only concern is the promotion of education and that the Punjab government should take notes from him on how work should be done.

“When I was the governor of Tamil Nadu, I appointed 27 vice chancellors of universities as required by law. I should teach the Punjab administration how labour is done. In Punjab, I have no idea who is capable and who is not. I make sure that education becomes better,” he told the press.

The governor, according to the Punjabi government, meddles in university operations. As chancellor, the Governor is vested with the authority to make decisions. Actually, the state can’t become involved in university affairs. The administration requested VC’s extension three times in letters. How can the Governor play a role in granting an extension if he plays no part in appointments? Added he.

Purohit asserted that the government is attempting to give it a communal hue and that he was sworn to uphold the Constitution and that no one could prevent him from doing so.

“Why not when regular appointments were made when my agreement was sought on three occasions to appoint adhoc VCs. Instead of being the chief secretary, I am the chancellor of Punjab Agriculture University. I shall seek legal counsel on the subject before acting, he continued.

The state’s finance minister, HS Cheema, and the vice chancellor of the Punjab Agriculture University earlier met over a dispute over his appointment.

“The people of Punjab chose AAP to rule, and the governor shouldn’t block our work,” the speaker said. I beg the Governor to uphold the Constitution’s obligations rather than serve the BJP, Cheema stated.

Purohit had already written to Maan requesting the immediate dismissal of Satbir Singh, the “illegally appointed” vice chancellor of the Punjab Agriculture University in Ludhiana. According to him, the VC was chosen “without following UGC regulations and the chancellor’s consent.”

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