Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Pune Sub-Inspector Who Allegedly Won ₹1.5 Cr In Online Gaming Suspended

A police sub-inspector based in Maharashtra’s Pune has been suspended over his misconduct on a fantasy sports platform, said an official. The cop was recently hyped in news after he allegedly won ₹1.5 crore from the gaming platform.

The sub-inspector named Somnath Zende from Pimpri Chindhwad police is accused of breaching the code of conduct by participating in the onling gaming and then sharing it on media.

The Chief of Pimpri Chindhwad police had ordred a deputy commissioner of police-rank to investigate the matter and submit its report soon after the incident came to light.

Briefing about the incident an official said, “Zende won lottery through an online gaming platform and after winning a windfall prize, he gave an interview to the media. Subsequently there were some negative reactions about the police department….he took part in such an activity and gave an interview in police uniform. On these two counts, he has been suspended”.

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