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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Questions PM Modi, ‘How Rakshas Could Be Allowed To Leave The Country’

On Monday, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the general secretary of the Congress, questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi about how a “rakshas” like Prajwal Revanna, the leader of the JD(S) and incumbent member of the Lok Sabha Hassan, could be allowed to leave the country. It is said that Revanna left the country prior to the Special Investigation Team starting to look into the allegations.

Speaking at a public gathering at Sedam in Kalaburagi district alongside Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, she claimed that Mr. Modi, “who keeps track of the movements of every leader in the country,” was enigmatic in his silence about the “criminal who left the country, right under his nose.”

“They come to know wherever the Opposition leaders go. However, they did not know when a criminal left the country after committing such heinous crimes on hundreds of women. How can we believe it? You, my sisters, must continue to question Mr. Modi so that he would never dare to speak on women’s mangalsutra again,” she said, without taking the name of Prajwal.

At a rally in Aligarh earlier, the Prime Minister had said: “They [Congress] plan to amend the law to snatch gold, including their mangalsutra from our mothers and sisters. They are bent upon stealing it.”

Speaking at Sedam, Ms. Vadra questioned where Mr. Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah were when the country’s Olympic medallists were sexually assaulted and girls were raped in Hathras and Unnao. “I would like to ask Mr. Modi which side he took when women were raped in Hathras and Unnao. I would like to ask him whether he and his government stood with the victims or rapists. In Karnataka, Mr. Modi shared dais with a criminal who harassed thousands of women and sought vote for him. I would like to ask Mr. Modi what he would say about it,” she said.

She made a plea to the public to hold the prime minister responsible and liable to them. “You need to get him to discuss your actual problems. You cannot believe what you are taught or see on television. Your reality is your life… Replace it with a new one that reports to you,” she stated.

Present were Mr. Kharge, Ministers Priyank Kharge and Sharan Prakash Patil, Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, general secretary Randeep Surjewala, and other party leaders.

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