Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Prime Minister Modi To Address Manipur Issue In Parliament Today, Confirms Rajnath Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will finally address the No-Confidence Motion moved by the Opposition against the central government over Manipur violence.

There is a fierce debate ongoing in the Parliament since last two days in which the Opposition has accused the BJP government of dividing Manipur while, the central government has defended its own actions by calling them welfare work.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the debate in Parliament yesterday asked the Prime Minister why he has not visited Manipur yet. “The Prime Minister has not gone to Manipur because he doesn’t consider it a part of India. You (BJP) have divided Manipur, ” said Mr Gandhi.

In response to the Opposition, Union Home Minister Amit Shah showed a report card of works done by central government in combating Covid and drugs menace. He said the motion run by the Opposition is merely to “mislead people”.

He even talked about the efforts made by the central government to bring back normalcy in Manipur.

After Opposition’s long demand for Prime Minister’s statement over the Manipur issue, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has confirmed that PM Modi will address the issue in Lok Sabha on Thursday in his response to the No-Confidence Motion.

Earlier, the centre had said that it will take up the Manipur issue on August 11, the last day of the Monsoon session which was not accepted by the Opposition.

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