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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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PM Modi Calls INDIA Alliance ‘Ghamandi’, Says Opposition Added 2 ‘I’s To NDA

The opposition has only added two “I”s to the NDA, and those two “I”s stand for the pride — one I for the arrogance of the 26 parties, and the second I for the arrogance of one family — according to PM Modi, who said this in response to the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

PM Modi poked fun at the moniker, saying “I dot N dot” implies that India has already been divided.

“I want to express my sympathy with the opposition because a few days ago you performed the last rites of UPA in Bengaluru. But I am not to be blamed for the delay because on one hand, you were performing last rites but you were also celebrating …aur jashan bhi kis cheez ka- khandhar par naya plaster lagane ka…I want to tell the opposition that you are following those who even after so many generations are not able to differentiate between Lal mirch and Hari mirch’…” PM Modi said.

“This ‘Ghamandiya’ alliance is a guarantee of double-digit inflation, corruption, policy paralysis, instability, appeasement, dynasty, unemployment, violence and terrorism. It is Modi’s guarantee that in my third term, India will be among the top three economies in the world…” PM Modi added.

“…I can understand the troubles of Congress. For years, they have been launching, again and again, a failed product. The launching fails every time. The result is that their hatred for voters has reached its peak. The launching fails and they harbour hatred for voters. But PR people propagate ‘Mohabbat ki dukan’. That is why, people of the country are saying, ‘Ye hai loot ki dukan, jhooth ka bazaar’…” PM Modi said.

From its name to the election symbol, Congress has everything taken from somewhere else, PM Modi said. “AO Hume was a foreigner who founded the party. You all know that in 1920, there was a new flag and since 1920, they have been stealing things. Like the name of Gandhi. See their election symbols, a pair of bullocks, hands — all stolen,” PM Modi said.

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