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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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PM Modi Assures Peace Restoration In Manipur, Says ‘Entire Country Stands With Women’

In his response to Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday assured restoration of peace Manipur soon. He said that the entire country stands with the women in violence-hit state.

During his speech in the Parliament, PM Modi said, “Hamare liye northeast jigar ka tukda hai (For us, the Northeast is a part of our heart) “.

Speaking on the incident that took place on May 3, he further said, “Serious crime against women took place in Manipur and it is unforgivable. The central and state governments are making all possible efforts to ensure strictest punishment to those guilty”.

“I want to assure people of the country that peace will be restored and Manipur will move ahead with new self-confidence. I urge people of Manipur and I want to tell the women of Manipur that the country stands with them. We will find a solution to this challenge together and once again peace will be restored there,” said the Prime Minister during his two hours of speech on Lok Sabha.

PM Modi even launched an attack on Congress saying, “You (Congress) have never tried to understand the emotions of Northeast. I have visited (Northeast) 50 times. This is not just a data, this is dedication towards Northeast.”

“These people (Opposition) are those who broke Vande Mataram song into pieces. They are those who promote gangs who raise ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ slogans. They are helping those who say that if we demolish the small corridor near Siliguru, then Northeast will be separated,” he further said.

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