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Patna Police Station Files Rape Complaint Against Former RJD MLA And Senior IAS Officer

A top IAS officer and a former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLA in Bihar have been arrested for allegedly raping a lady, according to the police. According to officials on Tuesday, a case has been opened at the Rupaspur police station in Patna under the appropriate sections of the IPC in response to a court order from Danapur. In relation to the alleged rape of a lady in a Delhi hotel in 2021, a Bihar court had on Sunday instructed the Patna police to file a rape complaint against senior IAS officer Sanjeev Hans and former RJD MLA Gulab Yadav.

Sanjeev Hans, an IAS officer, and Gulab, a former MLA, are charged with gang raping a woman while holding her at gunpoint. The Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM) of Danapur Civil Court has ordered the registration of a rape complaint against both of them after hearing the plea submitted by the victim’s attorney.

The panel requested a preliminary inquiry report on the case from the Patna police after the woman filed this plea in the year 2021. Nevertheless, the report was not provided, and the court therefore dismissed the case.

The victim subsequently appealed the ACJM’s decision at the Patna High Court. The High Court ruled that the Patna Police must deliver the preliminary investigation report of the case to the ACJM Danapur Court upon receiving the rape victim’s complaint and ordered a rehearing of the case.

The Patna Police’s lack of interest in this case was also noted by the court. The hearing recommenced at the Danapur court after the High Court’s directive. In the course of the police inquiry, it was discovered that the victim and the cops Sanjeev Hans and Gulab Yadav were both present in a Delhi hotel.

According to the information, the complainant said that the MLA Yadav had enticed her to become a member of the Women’s Commission in her complaint to police in 2021. MLA Yadav once invited her to his apartment in Rukanpura, Patna.

The MLA sexually assaulted her and recorded the incident on camera. The victim said that the MLA then began extorting money from her. The woman claimed that Gulab Yadav called her to a hotel in Delhi where IAS official Sanjeev Hans was also present and threatened to blackmail her by spreading the offensive footage online.

They both committed the rape while holding her at gunpoint. Ranjan Kumar Sharma, the attorney for the complainant, claimed that both of them had committed this offence in 2021.

According to the victim’s attorney, Sanjeev Hans was the Patna-based IAS officer at the time, while Gulab Yadav represented the RJD as an assemblyman from Jhanjharpur.

In order to file a FIR, the complainant submitted numerous written complaints to the Patna Police in 2021, according to attorney Ranjan Kumar Sharma, but because of the case’s notoriety, the police chose to remain mute and take no action.

The advocate claimed that after that, she asked to file a FIR in the ACJM of Danapur, but the request was similarly denied there since the police had not turned in their reports.

He said, “The ACJM of Danapur Civil Court has now directed to register a rape case against both IAS official Sanjeev Hans and MLA Gulab Yadav after getting directives from Patna High Court.”

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