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Paparazzi Caught Saba Azad Hand-In-Hand With Hrithik Roshan, What Does It Hints?

Is actress Saba Azad (of ‘Dil Kabaddi,’ ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’) the masked girl seen hand-in-hand with Hrithik Roshan this weekend? Has Hrithik found love like his ex-wife Sussanne Khan? Is it possible that Hrithik and Saba were just out for a pleasant dinner? There are far too many questions on everyone’s mind!

Was it true that Hrithik’s uncle, music composer Rajesh Roshan’s daughter was in the backdrop of the paparazzi photos, as some fans speculated on social media? Not to dismiss the paparazzi, but had someone close to Saba and Hrithik tipped them up, implying that ‘the couple’ intended for it to be made public? Will we see more of Hrithik and Saba in the near future? When they haven’t worked together before, how did they meet?

We got on the phone and dialled Saba’s number. We did, in fact.

Saba was patient and calm when we first introduced ourselves, but as soon as we moved on from that (after we finished it) to inquiring about her images with Hrithik that are all over the Internet (in fact, we now watch a video), Saba abruptly altered her posture. She hurriedly stated, “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of something right now. I’ll give you a call back.”

We urged her to see if she could say something: Are Hrithik and her friends? Saba, on the other hand, insisted on calling us back. She never denied that she was not with Hrithik.

We waited and waited, but the phone call never arrived. We chose to continue with this storyline after giving her 21 hours. Isn’t it true that certain answers don’t come to you right away?

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