Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Over Million Homeless In Gaza As Israel Continues Bombing, PM Netanyahu Convenes Meeting

Since the Israel began its bombing against Hamas more than a million people have become homeless in Gaza Strip, said United Nations.

Isreali forces have put together armored vehicles at the outskirts of Gaza in preparation for a ground attack to retaliate against the Hamas militants for their October 6 attacks that killed more than 1,400 Israel is while hundred were made hostages.

In the mean time, Prime Minister Netanyahu called for an emergency cabinet meeting that included former opposition lawmakers. He said, “Hamas thought we would be demolished. It is we who will demolish Hamas”.

In its preparation for ground attack, Israel authorities have planned to attack along with Israel Air Force and Israel Defence Force. They have together deployed more than 400,000 forces so far.

The continuous bombing of Gaza has killed more than 2,670 people, out of which around 700 were children. On Sunday, Israel had restored water supply to souther region but supply of water, food and electricity to populated coastal regions still remain restrained.

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