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OMG 2 Release Likely To Be Postponed As Makers Want To Fight Against Major Cuts

According to a recent report, the release of OMG 2, starring Akshay Kumar, may be delayed. 20 cuts and a few other adjustments to the movie were reportedly mandated by the censor board. The movie has a “Adults Only” rating and is purported to be about sex education. The makers are said to not have been pleased with the shocking turn of events. According to a source, the film’s creators intend to postpone its release in an effort to challenge the mandated revisions. The current release date for OMG 2 is August 11.

A source told, “The makers are of the opinion of shifting the release date from August 11 as they want to fight against the changes suggested by the committee and also line up proper promotions of the film.” The report comes just a day after a source told Bollywood Hungama that the makers weren’t on board of the suggested changes for the cuts would impact the essence of the film.

“The makers are not comfortable with these cuts as they believe that it’ll affect the essence of the film. They are also not okay with an ‘A’ certificate. After all, they feel that the topic of sex education should be seen by people of all ages,” the insider said.

Noting that the original movie, OMG Oh My God (2012), was well-liked by kids, they certified the sequel as being for adults only since it “doesn’t feel right, in their opinion.” The two sides are currently at a standstill. It will be interesting to see if they can agree faster so that OMG Oh My God 2 can comfortably release on August 11 as planned, the source continued.

Amit Rai, the director of OMG 2, and Akshay Kumar have not yet responded to the reports. Akshay Kumar plays Lord Shiva in the movie OMG 2, which also features Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam. OMG 2 is anticipated to compete against Gadar 2 by Sunny Deol.

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